I can only log into my Netlify account through private browsing mode

For some reason, I can’t log into my Netlify account through the normal way on Firefox and Chrome.
I have to go into private browsing mode in order to log in.

What problem/error do you get when logging in from normal mode?

Whenever I navigate to the following log in page, I get a blank screen:

Can confirm that this happens for me too, I use Firefox. I have to clear cookies and site data for the normal pages to return.

Can you confirm that there are no browser extensions you have installed that could be a contributing factor? Since you’re able to log in via private mode or when clearing cookies & site data, that is a likely culprit.

I have the same error, get stuck on the loading screen despite clearing cookies, trying multiple browsers, trying both email and github login, logging in with/without VPN, no browser extensions

I had the same issue. However, when I tried clicking “sign up” instead of “log in” i was logged right in

So is this resolved?

Yeah, it seems to be working fine now.

I’m glad everything is working fine now!!