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I broke my localhost Netlify CMS install by trying to create a HTTPS certificate

I developed a Nuxt blog and it was working just perfectly. I could add/edit/delete posts and upload images all from my localhost install. And everything was great. On the Netlify backend, I could see that it would deploy successfully and I was having a great time!

I took the steps to create an SSL certificate and edited my nuxt.config.js file according to their documentation. Then when I go to my admin URL using https, it asks me to login, not a problem, so I paste in my https://URL.netlify.app/ link and it asks for my Email and Password.


It wasn’t required before because I was previously authorized. So I undid my edits to nuxt.config.js and attempted to revert back to just regular HTTP, but I still can’t access Admin. It continues to require Email and Password, but none was ever created or needed.

I broke my CMS!

Hi @organizedfellow,

It would help if we could see the link to your website. It appears that you’re trying to use Netlify CMS and need to simply signup.

I’m so dumb.

I was trying to access the control panel from localhost:xyz/admin when I was supposed to be on my xyz.netlify.app/admin URL. It’s working. I was accessing it from the wrong place - LOL.

You can access it from localhost as well, when you’re using git gateway (or the local_backend feature)