I am unable to access my routes

I am unable to access my routes of my api

routes link https://spectacular-meerkat-fd4e84.netlify.app/api/products

my webapp link : https://spectacular-meerkat-fd4e84.netlify.app/
my github link GitHub - iprime2/ecommerce-krishil-api

@kalwarsushil2 Your project intends to run its own Express server, and as such you won’t be able to host it “as is” on Netlify.

The intended workflow on Netlify is that your build produce static files (which are deployed to CDN), and Serverless Functions (which are deployed as AWS Lambda’s).

There’s is no “long running node.js service” with Netlify.

You could host with any provider that lets you run your own node.js server… Heroku, Render, Google Cloud Run etc.