I am so frustrated with Netlify, Never again doing business with you

Please transfer my domain binishali.com to WIX.com

to my Name.com account [A563D6]

What is this name.com, I want my domain to be transferred to WIX

Name.com is a domain name registrar that works closely with Netlify. If you wish to transfer your domain name registration from Name.com to Wix.com (or whoever does the domain registration for Wix), you will have to initiate a transfer on the Wix side, and then possibly get a transfer code from Name.com and authorize the transfer to Wix on Name.com. I have never dealt with Name.com, but some registrars make you wait some period of days before transferring out after registration and/or renewal, and it appears that you renewed about a month ago. Also, some registrars allow you to “speed things up” by manually going into the registrar’s dashboard “releasing” the domain name for transfer ahead of their sometimes languid schedule. Again, I don’t know if this applies to Name.com or not.

At that point, it will be up to you to transfer your website’s content to Wix.com, presumably from your local computer.

hi binish, as i mentioned in this thread, netlify is NOT a domain name registrar, never has, never will be. You are able to purchase a domain through our interface, but the actual transaction happens with name.com who is a domain name registrar.

more details here:

You are able to use netlify DNS to manage your domain after the fact, but if you are moving off netlify and onto a different hosting service, you are no longer able to use netlify dns to point to your domain, as we do not offer DNS services for people who are not hosting sites with us.

As i mentioned in your other thread, you should speak to wix support for guidance.

we can continue conversation in the other thread if you have further questions, but the answer will likely continue to be that you need to contact wix support if you are moving your site to wix and want wix to be your DNS.