I am not getting the image as i got while working with live-server

GitHub Repo: GitHub - sypanchal1810/psworld-v1

netlify live link: PSWorld | The Gaming Hub

When I go to the dice-iiyy game and clicked on roll dice button it should show the dice image of corresponding number which was generated by randomly in the JavaScript.

But I’m not getting this image in the deployed link

I think the given path is correct and works fine with live-server while working on the project… but not in the live link on netlify…

Can I get the help for solution
Thank you:)

@sypanchal1810 The dice image doesn’t work for me locally, either via the development server or the build.

To see the same thing locally that you would see on Netlify you can do an npm run build, then go into the dist folder and run npx serve.

The way you’re dynamically determining the path to the dice images is likely preventing them from being included by Parcel.

See the image documentation here: