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I am no longer able to deploy a site on Netlify

URL friendly-einstein-c08c25.netlify.app

The connection to the repository with github works but it seems to do nothing, the deployment does not start and I get the following message “Site has not yet been deployed”, if I connect to the generated address I see “Page Not Found”.

If I upload the site files with drag and drop, I get this message “There is no log for this deploy” and it gets stuck.

it’s a simple static site, html / css / js.

I tried to deploy other sites that I had already uploaded, but I get the same error, no deploy anymore

I have had this problem for a few days.
blocked since yesterday like this

before doing the manual deployment I tried to connect the github repository, the link did not give any errors, but it seems not to be connected

Hi @ubuntutest,

Could you try using a different device/browser/network and let us know?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I tried to use another computer on the same network but with a different IP address, connected in wifi instead of the ethernet cable.

I also tried to use a different browser, never used on Netlify.

Lastly I also tried a different netlify account, I have the same problem.

So far I have published dozens of static sites on netlify with no problem. Now the same sites don’t work if I try to publish them again.

new tests:


I had exactly the same problem since 30 July and lasting over the weekend (going through the whole process to connect a GitHub repo, seemingly successful, but then ending up with “Site has not yet been deployed” and GitHub CI not set up, without any error message). However, I just tried again and it worked fine (the site is now deployed from GitHub). Unless something changed about my setup, I’m guessing it was maybe a temporary outage or problem? @ubuntutest it might be worth trying again today.

thanks for your feedback, unfortunately I just tried again and it still doesn’t work

For the sake of testing, could you see if this is only a problem with manual deploys or are you not able to get Git based deploys working either?

I have not done the manual delpoy, I connect netlify to the github repository, it seems to give no problems, but when I go to the settings the repository is not connected, it comes out written delpoy manual, I don’t know why.

However even if I really do the manual deployment it doesn’t work

Hi @ubuntutest,

Are you by any chance using Bitdefender? We’ve had some reports regarding that.

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Yes I use bitdefender and it seems to be the problem, I deactivated it and netlify worked, I also reactivated it and netlify seems to continue to work the same even if active now, really strange

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