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I added DNS settings but I'm still seeing my Netlify url?

Sorry to bother but I’m pretty new to Netlify and web developing in general, and I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere else. My website is harfenlabor.netlify.app and I added my custom domain “Harfenlabor.com”: so far, it seems like everything should be working.
Yet when I visit my website, I see my Netlify url in the url bar instead of my custom domain. Why could it be?

Hi @schlatterca

Welcome to the forums.

It appears the DNS configuration for harfenlabor.com isn’t quite right. harfenlabor.com should have an A record pointing to and www.harfenlabor.com a CNAME pointing to harfenlabor.netlify.app but it appears you have configured a CNAME for both.

Additionally, harfenlabor.netlify.app redirects to harfenlabor.com which is inaccessible while www.harfenlabor.com redirects to harfenlabor.netlify.app (as per screenshot above.)

Do you have baseURL set in the hugo configuration for the site? Is it set to harfenlabor.netlify.app?

There is also a <p> in the <head> which is not valid.


Hi @coelmay ,

I deleted the erroneous CNAME record and added an A record pointing to for harfenlabor.com.

I also followed your other suggestions and now it all works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

That’s great @schlatterca.

Note that https://harfenlabor.com does still show an SSL error. Does the SSL/TLS certificate at the show it is valid for both www.harfenlabor.com and harfenlabor.com? If not, you may need to click the Renew certificate button to regenerate it.

Example showing one of my domains

Perfect! I did as suggested and now I see both in my Domains section.
Again, thank you so much @coelmay , your help has been fundamental!

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