Hylia Starter Kit (11ty) Netlify CMS issue


I am following the instructions for deploying an 11ty site as stated in (https://hylia.website/).

My site is successfully deployed (https://wonderful-ramanujan-77f2a4.netlify.app/).

However, after following the instructions at GitHub - hankchizljaw/hylia: Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit to help you to create your own blog or personal website. for setting up the CMS, I found an issue.

The first I noticed was that I did not need to add or invite any user under the identity tab, my github connected user and e-mail had been added automatically.

After clicking the link on the e-mail, I was redirected to my site and the token was appended to the end of the URL. So I was not prompted to set up a new password in Netlify’s CMS as suggested by the tutorial.

I contacted the creator and he mentioned that the issue was most probably related to Netlify, therefore my cry for help.

Any ideas?

Heya @drodol and sorry to be slow to get back to you!

I think you are not including the netlify-identity-widget in your main /index.html - that’s what’s required for those links to “just work”. If you can’t do that for some reason, you can likely insert /admin/ before the token’s URL and it will work for you, but that’s pretty clunky to do repeatedly if you’ll have collaborators (since they’ll all have to do it too).

Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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Or you can change the email templates:

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