Hugo template for Netlify CMS with Netlify Identity error: "Failed to load settings from /.netlify/identity"

  • a short description & what you have tried to fix it:
    Used “Deploy to Netlify” with Hugo template for Netlify CMS with Netlify Identity, following readme:

Once the initial build finishes, you can invite yourself as a user. Go to the Identity tab in your new site, click “Invite” and send yourself an invite.

I did (Identity - Services - GitGateway active). And when I click on the email link, I get:

Failed to load settings from /.netlify/identity

  • build log errors, screenshots, etc: happy to provide screenshots, but it’s basically what’s described above.

  • Netlify instance name:

Any suggestions?
Thanks (and thank you for Netlify, which is super awesome)!

Hi @sserino and welcome :slight_smile:
I posted a few steps that can help identify this issue:

Running curl -i returns a valid response for me (you can also open the URL in a browser).
Can you try and report the response you’re getting?

Thanks for your reply!
I get:


Try accessing the CMS via https://<site-id>

That’s what I’m trying to do and get an error.

Make sure Netlify identity widget is included in your site under the root path (it includes the code that does the confirmation and confirmation links send you to the root path)

I would have assumed the “Deploy to Netlify” template for Hugo would do that. If it doesn’t, how do I do that?

Thanks again!

Couldn’t make the “Email invite” option work, but found a way: set to Open Registration, activate External Provider, and once in, go back to Invite only.
It works, thank you!