Hugo - Netlify CMS raw html in markdown

I am new. Dunno nuffin. When creating a post video embeds are visible - they are not visible on the published page.

I embedded a podcast a YouTube video and a Rumble video. Nothing on published page.

Tried on 2 separate templates - same result.

Please advise.

Hey there @EssentialEnglish Welcome to Netlify forums!

Writing a detailed post will help us solve your issue faster, generally speaking we need this:

  • Netlify Domain (
  • Git Repo if you have one
  • Latest deploy logs (either copy and pasted or linked to)


Hi Kyle

I don’t know how to share deploy logs

Thank you

This was the actual page I tried to embed on: A beginners’ guide to brewing with Chemex | Homepage

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It looks like Goldmark (Hugo’s markdown engine) doesn’t render raw HTML in markdown by default. You can learn how to enable it here:

Hope this works for you :grinning:

Thank you for your help

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