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Hugo builds not updating specific parts of website

I have a deployment on netlify: https://compassionate-wiles-c8658e.netlify.app

My website is built with support for english and spanish languages, and I use hugo. I can make changes to the front matter of the site in english, but not in spanish. I’ve tried creating a new deployment to take the latest version of the site in Github, but no luck there.

I’m thinking it’s a temporary issue with Netlify or Github, but can someone from the Netlify team verify this? I have a video that I’m tailoring for Spanish users of our site and at this moment in time I can’t publish it.

Marking as netlify newbie - because I may just have made a silly newbie mistake. Couldn’t rule out if Netlify or Github are at fault since I can publish changes to the EN website just fine.

Here’s a directory listing:

Specifically, I’m updating the spanish/sections/explanation.md part of the website. as you can see, this is tracked by git and is up to date.

Welcome to the forums @lzugasti

What is it that you have updated? What specifically have you updated? What did it look like/say before, did should it look like/say now?

I am unable to find a section titled “expectations” on any page of your site.

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To understand what happened, you need to know in which file you made changes

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@coel @moss, I realized my mistake.
Neither netlify nor hugo are an issue - it is me! When you navigate the website, you can see that when you use the Spanish (Espanol) switch on the top right of the nav, this takes you to sanacionquantica.com, which is the true domain of my website.
This is because in my hugo config I left the root address as sanacionquantica.com and didn’t change it for my test deployments.

Anyhow, you can see that Netlify/Hugo indeed are updating the spanish version of the site, if you navigate to Sanación Quántica - Entrada
I guess I would have realized sooner if I used my spanish client before writing this post (I put some forwarding code to enable a spanish client to get the spanish website instead of the english website). Hopefully someone comes accross this when figuring out their own language issue!

Thanks for your attention and kind regards,