Why my website work in chrome but not other browser… .safari, Firefox

@Shree The first thing to try is setting the A record for your custom domain to the Netlify load balancer IP address:

|====================== dig A record(s) for =====================
| -------------------- --------------------
| ---------- Netlify's old load balancer: ---------
| ------------ Netlify's new load balancer: -----------
See the documentation here:

Alternately, you could delegate Netlify as your name server.

This will almost certainly require switching from your current parking domain name server to an active one.

Once you get your DNS straightened out, then try refreshing your SSL certificate, if it doesn’t self-provision once your DNS is correct.

Perhaps Safari and Firefox are unsupported…

That is what appears in the console at least.

Hey there, @Shree

Please let us know if you were able to follow @gregraven’s advice here. Are you still experiencing issues?