HTTPS Netlify DNS custom Subdomain to a DO Droplet A Record

I have a domain with Netlify It all works fine.

I’m standing up an API server which is python Sanic Server.
I need that connection to be SSL and I want it to point to

The API server is a Digital Ocean droplet, running Sanic Server.
I created an A record on Netlify DNS pointing to the IP of that server.

This works:

This does not:

Why not :slight_smile: ?

I have setup HTTPS myself with Let’s Encrypt before. Generally I would run it on the server and it would setup Ngnix and all that. I have got that working before, a few times. But in this case Netlify tells me that it’s using a wild card certificate for and I would like to take advantage of that if I can.

I have googled the crap out of this without getting anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated. If I have to pay for help let me know.

Hi, @JeffWScott, there isn’t a way to export the Let’s Encrypt from our service. If you want an SSL certificate for the DO droplet, then you will need to create one or purchase one from a third-party.

Do you have command line access to the DO droplet? If so, you can likely use the Let’s Encrypt certbot tool in that droplet and provision a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for that way.

If there are other questions, please let us know.