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HTTPS how to turn it off


So I am following a tutorial on Udemy and I have created several sites. The teacher uses several sites that gives free photoes for all to use.

Now I am trying to publish these tutorial sites so I can show them on my portfolio. But I got the message “Insecure mixed content detected Although you have enabled HTTPS on your site, we’ve detected some content that’s still being served over an HTTP connection. This phenomenon, called mixed content, happens when both HTTP and HTTPS are being used to load the same page.”

I havent activated HTTPS nor have I paid for it. I am using the free version. I am checking for a way to turn it off but there is no button to toggle or toggle it off.

How do I proceed? does anyone know?

With Kind Regards

SSL is free for everyone. You can’t turn it off.

To avoid the mixed content errors, use https:// URLs for the links. If the site you are loading the images from doesn’t support HTTPS, you might opt to use a different photo service.


Thanks, I downloaded the pictures and uploaded them into a file instead. Now I dont get the error but when I click on the link it says “page not found”.

Do you know why?

Click the link? For the pictures? Perhaps if you can share your site I can help you figure out what is wrong.

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Hi Coelmay, sorry for the late reply, missed that you had answered me.

thats my github for this project.

And thats a picture of netlify

The first line of [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found” will answer your question (tl;dr: you don’t have an index.html file.)

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ah lol, thanks alot man !! the page is up, I had to modify the pictures aswell to make it work. So many different things you have to consider when you try to upload it XD.

Once again thanks alot for the help!!!

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