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HTTPS Error Message

I’m having issues setting up a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for my custom domain.

  • Netlify site name: ‘fervent-hugle-025dd6.netlify.app’
  • Custom Domain: wiebewillems.com

At the moment I can build, deploy and publish, but when trying to setup HTTPS for my custom domain, I receive the following error message:

DNS verification failed

I checked the NS with dig:

dig +short NS wiebewillems.com

I checked the response from curl, which yielded nothing when doing

curl -s -v http://wiebewillems.com 2>&1 | grep Server

HOWEVER when checking the response header with curl and grepping for server (note the lowercase ‘s’):

curl -s -v http://wiebewillems.com 2>&1 | grep server

I get

curl -s -v http://wiebewillems.com 2>&1 | grep server
< server: Netlify

Is it possible that this is an unknown issue for now and this is why Netlify doesn’t recognize that it serves my domain?

Thanks already.

Hi @wiebewillems,

The problem is that your domain registrar is using DNSSEC. If you disable the, the domain and the SSL would work on Netlify.

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