Http:// possible netlify transfer/deployment

I have novice level coding skills and am just wondering if it will be possible to have the above website hosted by you guys. If so could you briefly explain how I can go about doing that? Please and thank you netlify community :slight_smile:

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hey loganman, welcome to netlify.

can you tell me a little bit more about your site - what kind of tech “stack” does it use? We’d want to make sure it can run on the Jamstack before we talk about transferring it.

More info here:

It is a very old very basic html website with 5 or 6 pages.

It is basically static, will only require the occasional price change via html.

then that shouldn’t be a problem. The simplest way to deploy it to make a netlify account, drag and drop the folder containing the html files (after making an account), and then we can work on associating your domain with your netlify account.