HTML Not Supported Error on all my webapps

Hey Netlify community,

I have been using Netlify to deploy some simple one page dapps with web3 integration using various tools. I had no issues with my dapps which i have been running for more than 10 weeks now. Oddly today all the dapps that i deployed using netlify have the same error " HTML Not Supported
You can still view this content by going to …(points to an IPFS link which also does not work when clicked)
If you visit the below dapp you can see the error live “

Would be great if anyone can let me know what this error is and how I can fix it? Thanks
Site with error

@koen_djaru That message is within an iframe that’s pointing somewhere other than Netlify.

<iframe src=";"></iframe>

thanks nathan… let me look into this.

ok i found the issue … its with google flagging the ipfs gateway incorrectly as malicious. I have found a fix. How do i close this post?

What is the solution mate? I have same issue with my dapps using thirdweb widgets

Not sure if you have designed your own UI… Or used thirdwebs embed code. My Dapps are pretty basic one pagers that used the third Web embed code. They have now refreshed the ipfs links in the embed code and updating it fixed my issue. Essentially it’s their Ipfs gateway that is being flagged as malicious by Google that’s causing the issue. If you change to an alternate Ipfs gateway it fixes the problem.