Html form bug on android

i have a bug with login in my account in my app while using android phone.Server recieve email,but cant find that email(which already exist).Also when i log in my account using ios or windows and writing same email,all works good

Can you try and explain this again with more detail?

server recieve email from client,and cant find that email in DB,when this email already exists,and this bug only on android.Wheh i send to server same email from my laptop or ios,all work fine(i used in app MERN-stack)

I’m sorry @ffuturesenior , but i’m not understanding, i am afraid. Can you try and tell us what you are trying to do, exactly? maybe you can use screenshots to show us? thanks.

in email field spacing wasnt deleting by frontend controller.with string functions i fixed that

thank you, so the problem is no longer present?