How to use the Netlify CMS NPM module?

I already have a running react app. It is not a blog. Now I want to create a blog for it. I was checking Netlify CMS tutorials. I see that I will need to add an index.html file and config.yml in the admin folder at the root folder. The index.html file is the admin console of the CMS. The tutorials use two index.html files. One is the blog front. One is the CMS console front. Together they form a blog site with CMS integrated.

But in the case of my react app, it is not a blog. It is a site. So here my “blog front” is actually my normal “site front”. I wanted another blog front integrated into my react app. Then I realized there is a Netlify NPM module. So I thought I can create a javascript module called blog.js. This would be my blog front. I would then create another module called blogAdmin.js - this would be my blog admin front. In blogAdmin.js I include the Netlify CMS NPM module.

I then integrate the blog.js and blogAdmin.js into the main app. So that when the user navigates to, the app pulls up the blog front (blog.js) and when they navigate to, the app pulls up the blog admin front (blogAdmin.js).
Now any post made on the blog admin front would hit github and trigger a rebuild, and the logic in blog.js would pick those posts and render them on the UI.
Is my approach right?

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