How to use netlify for redesigning my bootstrap website

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My name is Akshita Patel who is an owner as well as author of
The website have been build in bootstrap based templates. Now I want to redesign it by using, and my website is already hosted on shared hosting.

Kindly let me know how can I use it. But let me tell you. I am not a web developer, I can just do editing in source code. You can also email me your reply at

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Hiya, welcome to the forum! You can host and deploy your website with Netlify, but we’re not a design framework, so you couldn’t really transfer from Bootstrap to Netlify in the way that you describe. If you’re not a web developer, but interested in the benefits of Netlify’s CDN (fast site loading, extreme reliability, etc), you might be interested in our content management system (CMS):

To get going with that, you could pick a static site from this next link and deploy a site to Netlify with one click (though you would need to migrate your content over from your current site):

And here’s one more resource that might be useful- a thread by someone else who’s just getting started with Netlify and the JAMStack:

Hope this has helped, and feel free to follow up if you have more questions.

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Thanks for informing me such an amazing option to resolve it. I will definitely do it. Because. I. Also looking for cdn. I was thinking about the Google cloud. But it is so expensive. Let me find out the way, as per your suggestion.

great. if you have specific questions or something doesn’t work, please feel free to post again.

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