How to use latest version of Essential Next.js for deploys?

The GitHub repo for Essential Next.js shows a newer version of the plugin than what is being used for deployments. My nextjs site deploys are not working with v4.2.8 so I’d like to upgrade to newest version to see if that fixes the deploy issues I’m seeing.

The upgrade UI shows version 4.2.8 which is not the newest version of the plugin.

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Hey there, @bhall2001 :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. Apologies you have encountered this obstacle. Can you please share your site name and project repo?

site is keen-ritchie-2146a3. I just checked and newest version is available in UI.

My original issue is that a build was failing. After a few tries clear cache/re-deploy it did finally build.

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for following up! I am glad to hear that this is no longer an obstacle. Should you ever encounter this issue in the future, an interim workaround could be installing the latest version of the plugin as a dev dependency rather than autoinstalling it.

Happy building :rocket:

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