How to translate Admin area

Hi, I’m trying to translate the admin area (Gatsby blog, set up by the button here ) for users to be able to use it easily, but I can’t find the correct way to do this.

I found an old bug thread on the project’s site on GitHub (closed report now) in which devs talked about implementing a file with the localizable strings; I thought it was node_modules/netlify-cms-core/src/constants/defaultPhrases.js or node_modules/netlify-cms-core/dist/esm/constants/defaultPhrases.js so I edited them, but when I build my site with npm run start it still display all things in english.

Any pointers on how to do this?

Hi there,

I think that the framework is being laid out in this issue: but that nobody has completed that work yet. Might touch base in the thread there to see where the work is at in case it’s ready for beta use, or needs help to get over the line.

Ah, I see. Will check that, thank you!

Update: For the time being I’ve carefully modified the needed strings on these 3 files:


This won’t result on a multilingual site as intended by the devs working on the feature request linked above but is an easy/dirty way to make the UI useful for one language.

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thanks for suggesting that, @admonporlavida!