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How to transfer custom domain between netlify sites

A few years ago I set up a website (https://suspicious-snyder-cc9987.netlify.app) with a custom domain (firstnamelastname.com) through netlify. I ran into some Git issues towards the end of last year and haven’t updated my website since.

I’ve recently solved the Git issues, built a new site, and have deployed to netlify. I want to transfer the custom domain from my old site to the new one. However, when I try to add the custom domain to the new site (by navigating site > site settings > add a custom domain to your site), I get a message saying that the domain is already registered.

Is there a way I can de-register the old site and move the custom domain name to my new site?

Many thanks,

Hi @Lincoln,

As long as both the websites are in the same team, you could simply remove the domain from one website and connect it to other. Does that not work?

Hi @hrishikesh, how do I remove the domain from one site so I can connect it to the other?

Hi @Lincoln,

Simply remove the domain from here Netlify App

Then add it to the other site just like you added it here.

Hi @hrishikesh ,

Perfect, works like a charm!

Thank you so much for your help.