How to test function changes in branch preview

What is the correct process for testing functions along main app code changes? Functions don’t have branch preview deploys so it’s unclear to me how I am to preview (or test) the functionality in a branch. Is there a pattern of versioning functions I should be following?

Let’s say you have some changes in your main app that call an existing function. These changes add new data to the function call and your function uses that data in some way. When you deploy those changes to your branch preview, this enables you to test the new functionality, except, you are not able to test it end to end because the new function code was not deployed.

Hi @newmantractorwebsite

If functions are part of the branch, they are deployed along side the rest of the code, and those functions are used, not the production functions.

If you are wanting to see the console for a specific branch/deploy preview there is a filter on the Functions page