How to setup Netlify CMS to work on a CodeSandBox?

Hello, I am new here! :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to setup the Netlify CMS to work on a CodeSandBox?
I would like to test the CMS while developing online.

Right now, I have to commit to github and deploy to netlify every time I make a change and I want to test it out… I know you can have it working on the localhost, but for me it would be a huge tool if I could make the dev/testing of the /admin on a CodeSandBox.

Thank you!

I know @erquhart has made a couple of CodeSandBoxes a while back. The ones on his profile seem to have dependency issues, not sure how easy it is to get around that.

This codepen example works though:

You can also use the test-repo backend locally. It ignores your data but it’s great for trying out your config.


Thank you for the help @tomrutgers. I’ve tried out the codepen yesterday with a collection of mine and it works! You can easily make your config.yml

I am going soon to give a try to the test-repo backend. Have a good day!

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