How to run Wordpress backend and Nuxt using same domain


Hi I am in the process of developing our front end, we are using wordpress for the backend CMS

One thing I am not sure of is how can I use the same domain name, we currently host wordpress which was setup with our domain, I am using netify to build our front end at some point i will need to setup the main domain with netify, if I setup wordpress as a sub domain then how will our SEO work when we add new posts?

thanks in advance

Hey @TechieMike

If you are changing the WordPress backend to a subdomain, and having the main domain (apex/www) on Netlify, you would, I assume, maintain the same permalink structure, thus you would, in my understanding, see no impact to SEO as current links would still load, just on the new Nuxt frontend and not WordPress.

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Thanks for the reply, if our main A record is pointing to and we have for wordpress then the SEO links would be

Unless we can use the for wordpress and for netlify or vice versa - I will see if that can be done, I still think the SEO from wordpress will use the wordpress domain unless it can be set to use another - I was using Rank Math, but will try Yoast.

If you are using WordPress purely as the backend, then no links should go through it.