How to reset domain for HTTPS

We want to host a web site on Netlify with our sub domain.
We are configuring Domains and HTTPS section, but there is an old certificate and I cannot set proper one.
How can I reset the old domain?

Netlify custom domain :

Hi, @bengo4, the domain configured there isn’t pointing to this Netlify site. The domain is pointing to the IP address That isn’t an IP address that Netlify controls so we cannot provision an SSL certificate for this domain.

To resolve this, would you please configure a DNS record of type CNAME for the custom domain which points to that Netlify site domain name of

There is more about this in our external DNS documentation here:

If there are other questions or if this doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

Hi @luke, thank you for your support.

We set CNAME record again and hit “Renew certificate” button at domain management on Netlify console, the problem has been resolved.

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