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How to remove iframe from URL in deploy preview success comment

Hello! Recently, I suspect around the time of the deploy preview features recently released, comments to PRs when a deploy preview is successful now include an “/iframe” in the URL, which breaks the link.

e.g. (I’ve replaced the real site name with “site-name”):

:heavy_check_mark: Deploy Preview for site-name ready!

:hammer: Explore the source changes: [hash]

:mag: Inspect the deploy log: [link]

:sunglasses: Browse the preview: https://deploy-preview-124–site-name.netlify.app/iframe

What’s the recipe to post those comments without the /iframe in the URL.


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hi there paul, we are taking a look at this, and will let you know when we know more!

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Thanks @perry - I can DM you the site name if it helps to debug, but it’s not a URL we’re really wanting to have visible publicly as its used for a very specific internal tool

hi paul, thanks but not needed! we have tracked down the oddness and are hoping to release a fix soon to make things work better. as soon as we do, i’ll let you know.