How to remove dns to transfert my website to anather account

Hi netlify please remove all DNS website because i get another account and i will transfert all website to another account please remove all DNS website .
All my website on this account remove please i get now account in netlify and i payed monthly …

You can do this yourself in the UI Settings → Domains → Custom domains. What I am confused on is why you are attempting to use another account on Netlify? You should not have more than one account on our platform if you do that will warrant a ban as this is against our terms of service.

It is not my personal account, my colleague’s account. We bought hosting together

If that’s the case then you can have your colleague release the domain here: Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”

If that were the problem I would do it in a minute
The problem is that I deleted an account, but I have a problem verifying the DNS now

I wanted to do something like this, but I don’t know how, as it is in the picture .

Add a TXT record with the following characteristics:
Name: verified-for-netlify (some DNS hosts will want the dot at the end, so try creating the record both with and without it if the first attempt doesn’t work)
TTL: default
Text/Value: link to your public post or case number if we’re helping you in our helpdesk
In the thread or ticket where we asked for this record, tell us you’ve done it so we know we can move forward

what domain is this for?

My domaine name ;
website payed my domaine

So I was able to locate the account with the domain but you need to verify that you own it in order for me to release/remove it from the account. So you deleted your site and are unable to verify this domain is that correct? If so you will need to contact to retrieve your login details and verify you own the domain as there is no other way for us to know that you in fact own this domain.

No, I just need to delete it from your DNS
I deleted my account that I was on
I now need to restore this domain, but is this the problem?

I can control everything in my NAME.COM account
The problem is that you must delete the dns because I had an old account with you and I closed it, and now I have an account and I also pay monthly, but this domain must be deleted even though I prove that it is mine.

I just checked and your txt record is not set. I cannot remove the domain unless you verify this on please see the instructions here

host -t txt
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

I tried to follow these steps but I can’t
As it is in the picture, can you tell me what I should do?

Type → TXT
Answer → 101742/11 if you cannot put the link. Then select add record.

If you still cannot do this please reach out to for further assistance.

why txt record is not set ? Netlify DNS *

You need to do this yourself in Please reach out to your domain servicer.

Now I wait for your response

Hi, @alpacinodon. We have replied to you about this on support ticket # 185434 long before this forum topic was created. Stop making duplicate requests for this as it is slowing things down and creates unnecessary work for us.

We will no longer discuss the issue in the support forum as this is only being handled in the support ticket. Reply to the emails for that support ticket for further discussion of this issue.

I replied, but you invalidate everything. Why a week, and the same problem I had in the past with another company was solved in an hour, and you are several people, and your only concern is money. It is very unfortunate that a company like you treats this way by replying… Every day I lose for a week and my entire site is down. Are you happy? Now, dear sir?? You don’t seem to feel it
I am demanding my rights and nothing else, and I ask you to delete the DNS of the sites