How to reference to an image from html code in Markdown editor

I am trying to add an image button from the markdown editor on About page.

I have images under a folder static/img and can see those images are copied into public/img folder

But when open the About page, the image always broken

Could someone help please?

<img src="img/c.jpg" onclick="" />

![A picture of a cute dog](img/c.jpg)

Interestingly, the image path works for a direct img in markdown, but not working for the reference inside html code.

so it seems that html image reference always prepend …/…/static/ before the image path.
How can we solve it?

Hey @franva,
Were you able to get this working?

no luck, somehow the src attribute is always prefixed with …/…/…/static

This looks related to Images are uploaded into wrong Media folder so I’m going to lock this thread and we can continue the conversation over there to keep things tidy :broom: