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How to purchase domain name from netlify?

Hello everyone,
How to buy a domain name from netlify I can’t find the dedicated page for that the last tutorial on the YouTube channel about buying a domain name was in 2019 and now the architecture of the website has been changed. Can anyone provide me the link page to purchase a domain name please and thank you.

Hi @chaima.HABIBI,

In the Netlify dashboard, click Domains in the navigation at the top of screen. Click the Add or register domain button. Enter your desired domain. If it is available, you can then enter your billing information.

Link is https://app.netlify.com/teams/<your-team-name>/dns

Hope this helps.

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thank you for your response it doesn’t propose me to purchase a domain name through netlify.
I don’t have yet a domain name and I want to purchase it through netlify.

If you enter a domain that is already registered, you will see this:

However, if you enter a domain that is not registered, you will see this:

Are you not seeing this?


Thank you so much coelmay It’s working now.

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Many thanks for that complete information!

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