How to point the netlify DNS to Site Ground and transfer the domain AWAY from netlify to Site Ground?

Hi guys (and girls),

I’m currently hosting my Gatsby website at Netlify, but decided to move to Wordpress (hosting at Site Ground). I basically want to transfer the domain from Netlfiy to Site Ground. However, there’s not much information out there on how to do this (especially considering the fact that I’m not a ‘tech’ person). Site Ground gives me the following ‘error’ message.

“The status of this domain is REGISTRAR-LOCKED, so we are unable to initiate the transfer. Please contact your current domain registrar and ask them to unlock the domain.”

If anyone could give me any tips, it would very very very much be appreciated.

Thank you!


hi hester,

was the domain name registered through netlify? we are not a registrar, but we do contract with for registration purposes.

you might find this guide useful:

Hi Perry,

I still have no clue what to do unfortunately:) I understand that Netlify isn’t a domain registar. My domain registar is GoDaddy. However, the DNS records are managed by Netlify. If I log into my GoDaddy account, it says “We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.”

Could you please tell me what the first step is that I have to take?

hey hester!

If you are moving off Netlify (because you are building a wordpress backed site) you will need to move the DNS records away from Netlify DNS (because we don’t offer to keep providing DNS services for customers who moved off our platform).

We need to get a support engineer involved - which you can do by submitting a ticket on and chosing SITE/DNS TRANSFER from the dropdown menu. But before you do that, there are actually a few steps you’ll need to complete yourself before we can take you over the finish line. In this guide:

there is a section called:

Can I transfer them to another person or registrar?

go ahead and complete the steps listed there, and when you are finished, go ahead and submit a ticket to us as described above, and we will work with you to get you moved off our platform!