How to make the homepage editable?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make my homepage editable. This homepage is quite classical, it contains a leader with a title, a subtitle and a button, a section with a carousel and another section with text + images blocks.

What would be the best logic/architecture in the CMS to make all this editable? For example I would like to be able to manage the number of images visible in my carousel. Is it necessary to create a collection with several blocks that have no path/slug? Or is it better to create a collection for each block/section?

Same question to make the footer editable.

Thank you very much!

For the homepage I’d recommend using a file collection. Each block could be an object, if that’s what you prefer. For the carousel you could use a list widget.


That’s awesome @tomrutgers, thanks!

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If you want to create pages as dynamically as possible without using the file collection, you might wanna have a look are the list widgets variable types. It’s a bit advanced but super useful.

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