How to make subdomain on netlify

Well in that case, I think you can just create a CNAME record with name as subdomain and value as the IP from AWS.

I have done the same but still, it doesn’t seem to work.

If all you have is an IP address, I guess A record is the one you need and not CNAME.

when i tried adding A record I got
dns_api - 400 - link exists, all config must be empty this error.

This probably has something to do with the Netlify DNS. I think @luke can assist you further with this as it might need some DNS management which can only be done by support team I suppose.

Okay thanks, I will wait for @luke to reply.

@luke or @hrishikesh can anyone please help with this. it’s quite urgent. #Netlify-support

If waiting is not possible, then the only way out (not recommended) might be to remove Netlify DNS from your website, provided you’ve purchased the domain from elsewhere.

You can then revert back to your domain registrar’s nameservers, configure your apex domain to resolve to Netlify using A + CNAME records (as mentioned in the documention I linked in my first reply). From there you can also add a A record for your sub-domain.

Can wait till tommorow.

hi adesh, we have changed a setting that should allow you to delete those records now. let us know if this doesn’t work for some reason.

okay @perry I will try and let you know. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I am also having the same question.

Hi, @adesh. I believe we are troubleshooting this issue here:

If that isn’t the same issue, however, please let us know.

Yes it’s the same issue. I have added an A record of the subdomain pointing to an IP address but still I am getting page not found. Seems its not redirecting to the assigned IP.

Hi, @adesh. What DNS record isn’t working?

@luke A record. See in the attachment I have added an A record for subdomain pointing to an ip. But its doesn’t seems to be working.

adesh, do you have something deployed on that subdomain?

@perry I have deployed on AWS and they have provided me static IP and I want to redirect this subdomain to that IP. I have this hosted on goGaddy before and now I am using Netlify to host the site on my main domain and definitely i have to use netlify DNS to manage subdomain also. I have created A record to address to that IP. But it doesn’t seems to be working.

Hey guys, somehow the subdomain was not working in regular chrome but its working in incognito. And after restarting my system it is working now. Thanks for the help guys. @perry @luke @hrishikesh

I can only guess at the root cause. Possibly the root cause was TTL (time to live) issues causing local DNS caching but that is only a “best guess”.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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