How to make Push Notification works with Netlify Lambda function

After followed the tutorial from Google about Push Notification, I added Push Notification capacity to my Gatsby + Netlify powered PWA website.

it works, but with a bug.

Step 1 From the client side , it subscribes to get service worker registration.

  userVisibleOnly: true
.then(subscription => {
  console.log('User is subscribed:', subscription);
  isSubscribed = true;
.catch(err => {
  if (Notification.permission === 'denied') {
    console.warn('Permission for notifications was denied');
  } else {
    console.error('Failed to subscribe the user: ', err);

Step 2 then from the server side(Netlify Lambda function), we need to paste in the registration object which is printed out from client side from this line of code

.then(subscription => { console.log(‘User is subscribed:’, subscription); isSubscribed = true; })

in order to make it work( server side/lambda function ):

const webPush = require('web-push');

const pushSubscription = YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_OBJECT;

// TODO 4.3a - include VAPID keys

const payload = 'Here is a payload!';

const options = {
  TTL: 60,

  // TODO 4.3b - add VAPID details
  vapidDetails: {
    subject: "",
    publicKey: vapidPublicKey,
    privateKey: vapidPrivateKey,


Now, you probably has already noticed the issue.

When developing locally, I can launch my Gatsby PWA website by

gatsby build && gatsby serve

then it prints out the registration object from the Gatsby PWA client side. I can then paste it(the registration object) into the Netlify lambda function, then launch my Netlify Lambda function by

netlify dev

But when deploying the Gatsby + Netlify PWA website, the lambda function is deployed together with the Gatsby + Netlify powered PWA, then how can I make sure the lambda function uses the registration received from the client side which only happens when a user hits the website after deployment?

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Hi, @franva, I just want to be clear that as this questions is about third-party code our support team won’t be answering. Our support scope doesn’t cover third-party code without a custom contract.

This question is welcome here and other community members may answer you. I just wanted to set expectations correctly about what our support team can and cannot answer.

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Does anyone got information or link ?