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How to make Netlify my domain provider?


My netlify site is liisaknuuti.netlify.app. I (or actually my granma) has a domain liisaknuuti.fi and that is bought from a Finnish company. We don’t want to pay to the Finnish company anymore so what I would like to do is make Netlify my domain provider. They gave me some sort of a key that should make the transition possible but I can’t figure out where to put it and is this even possible.

Sorry for possibly inexact terminology and thanks for your answer


Hi @KiviKnuuti

What you are wanting to do is not possible as Netlify does not accept inbound domain transfers (as per this post.)

You if do not wish to remain with your current registrar, you could move it to another such as Namecheap, Name, or GoDaddy (to name but three) then either set your domain to use Netlify DNS, or configure it in the registrars DNS (see Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs and https://docs.netlify.com/domains-https/netlify-dns/.)

Hope this helps.

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Hi, @KiviKnuuti. I also want to mention that all domain registrars requires that you keep paying to renew the the domain. There are no registrars for general purpose domain names that allow you to keep domain names for free.

Note, many registrars do offer discounts if you renew for multiple years in advance. So, if you renew for 10 years instead of 1 year, the total price will be higher but the price per year may be lower. Not all registrars do this so you may want to compare registrars before transferring the domain.

Also, Netlify is not a registrar. All domains registered via Netlify are really registered at name.com (and we use their APIs are as reseller of domain registrations).

If there are other questions, please reply anytime.

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