How to keep the original filename without CDN renaming it

I wanted to use the #webpack Dynamic Imports, but it fails to import a file dynamically. It is requesting a file called, but the CDN renamed it to something else and I get the following error:

ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 123 failed.

The error could be seen here when you scroll to the “ Accelerate your vehicle sharing business” section:

For more context: I am trying to lazy load the animation library, Lottie.

const getLottie = async () => {
  bodymovin = import('lottie-web')
  return bodymovin

getLottie().then((bm) => {

Hi @maliMirkec

Could you try disabling Asset Optimization or at least disable the Minifying/Bundling of JS assets and redeploy.

Yup, that did it. Thanks, I forgot about asset optimization feature.

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