How to integrate Sitecake with my website on netlify?

Hello, support team!
I have been asking questions for a while but no one is answering me, hope this time maybe anyone’s answer.
Question: I want to make use of site cake cms, and for that, as per their guidelines I included the site cake folder and sitecake.php file in my root directory along with making changes to my HTML page.
Now when i manually deployed my website again, then I have to open the
and then the sitecake login page should appear, But instead that i was redirected to download that sitecake.php page, WHY?
how can I achieve the results?

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Hi @OnlinePage,

I saw the other thread you posted, please do note that in order to receive support within 2 business days, we do require you to be a member of a paid team. If you are using our services for free, you are likely to get an answer here within 2-3 days, but consider that we do only staff these forums during the week, not on weekends :muscle:

As far as your problem goes, here is a great article that explains that you cannot run php on Netlify, so what you are trying to accomplish won’t work the way that you are currently approaching it. If you take a look at the Netlify site or docs, there isn’t a mention of php support, as we use Jamstack approaches to serve sites. Therefore, the php isn’t executed as such, which is why you are prompted to download it.

You do have the option of hooking into php via functions, but straight up trying to run them on Netlify won’t work.

As I posted on your other thread, here is a good summary of what you can and can not do on Netlify you might find helpful:

You can also do more reading on which has some helpful content on understanding how the jamstack works.

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