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How to I manually kick off a branch deploy?

I’m new to Netlify and starting to get used to it. I have a GitHub repo linked to my Netlify site that’s current invoking automated deployments upon a Git commit.

How do I manually invoke a branch deploy using the current branch?

Hi, @adbertram. Before other branches will be deployed, you must configure the site to recognize them.

The setting for that is found in the Netlify UI under Site Name > Settings > Build & deploy > Branches.

Once a branch is added (or if you select to build all branches) then new commits pushed to the GitHub repo for that branch will begin triggering builds at Netlify.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thank you. I have done that. I’d like to know if I can invoke the build without making a change in Git.

I sometimes make changes to the site. If you deployed the site once and connected it correctly, then all other changes will be updated automatically if you leave commits(I also use Git ).

Hi @adbertram,

Would build hooks help:

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Ah yea, looks like I’ll create a little script that invokes the build hook. Thanks!

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