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How to host my Netlify page on Bluehost?


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this just need some general guidance to get started. I have created a resume site using netlify that I uploaded to github (https://jaredwason.github.io/). I would like to host it on my Bluehost domain jaredwason.com. I tried going into the cPanel on Bluehost to upload the files but that didn’t work. Is it possible to take a site made in Netlify and upload it to Bluehost?

Hi @wasonj,

Your website is on GitHub and you want to transfer it to Bluehost. I’m confused as to what part Netlify is playing in this.

Unfortunately, we can’t comment on how stuff works on Bluehost. As long as you can upload your files there, you should be able to host the website.