How to get multiple .md files into one page

Hello everyone!
I’ve been working on my own personal site that hosts some hobby tutorials, and guides, written in straight HTML. For a while now, it’s hosted on Netlify, and I’m very happy with it. But with other projects going on, I want to simplify the process of adding new content, so I want to give the CMS a try

I deployed a SvelteKit skeleton app to learn the basics of the CMS system and workflow. I think I now have the hang of it, and think I understand mostly how it works. When I open the admin panel, I can make extra routes that show as[name of new route]

But as the site I want to run is mostly structured with repetitive elements with differing content on one single page, like an FAQ section shown here
Is it possible to have a separate .md file for every FAQ entry, and manage that through the CMS? How would I go about doing that? I have no clue how to work with this stuff, it’s all very new to me. Thanks for any help

Hey @VitroidFPV,

This question is more suitable for your site builder than Netlify CMS in my opinion. It all boils down to how you create a template that would handle markdown files. However, I’d not have created individual markdown files in this case. You can manage all this in the same markdown file in multiple ways.

  1. You can create a custom component: Creating Custom Widgets | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System. Then simply pass the data accordingly and the template should generate it for you.

  2. You can simply write data in your markdown file’s frontmatter. For example, in my Hugo site I would do something like:

"faq": [{
  "content": "Your text here",
  "title": "How to choose parts for a specific build?"
}, {...}]

(I prefer your JSON front matter)

Then in your template, you could do something like:

(an example in vanilla JS):

frontmatter.faq.forEach(item => {
  // handle the item.title here
  // handle the item.content here