How to forward a Netlify domain to my other Netlify domain?

I purchased two domains through Netlify, and am seeking to redirect one to my other. Where is the best resource for instructions on how to do this?

Hi @mbrussell, as mentioned in our redirects doc, you can do a redirect rule like: 301!

Let me know if that works for you.

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Thanks @Dennis. I’m not sure why the redirect rule isn’t working. I have in may static folder _redirects with the following line: 301! 

can you post your whole redirects file please? spacing etc is very important.

@perry That’s the only line in the redirects file. Thanks!

Thanks! I think I figured out what is happening:

  • you have not configured any netlify site to serve “”, or configured DNS for it. So, if you go there in the browser, the browser first off can’t find it, and even if it could find “netlify”, we wouldn’t know what site to serve!

Two fixes:

  1. add DNS records to point to Netlify, here: . You’ll want to create an A and CNAME record as described in this doc: . We do this automatically for the FIRST domain you put on a site, but not others, which is probably how you ended up here: “the first one worked magically - why won’t the second one?”
  2. add those hostnames to your site, here:
  3. profit :slight_smile:
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Works perfectly @fool! Thanks for your help.