How to do MDsveX blog posts with new SvelkteKit routing

I started work on my personal site a while back around the time that the current file system routing in SvelteKit was not implemented. Back then I had a reasonable idea of how to implement it with NetlifyCMS, but now I’m not exactly sure how to tackle it for full-page blog posts in the current routing system.

IIRC, before I could pretty much just point the CMS output files to a single folder, make the filename slug in the CMS as needed, and I’d have the page ready under that same filename slug. But now I’m not sure it’s exactly as easy, as I need a named folder for every new page and the actual file itself needs to be called or similar. I’m not sure how to approach this. Either somehow through the CMS or hack a way around it in the SvelkteKit app. Either way, I’m not sure

Looking for suggestions, ideas, or ideally a minimal example of something similar being implemented. Thanks for any input

I’m not sure our Support team will come up with an answer for this one, since it’s pretty far into the territory of custom code targeting apps we don’t support (CMS’s) directly. But I think it is a good question for the community so hopefully someone else here has some thoughts for us! Just wanted to set expectations that this is a bit outside of what we’d provide tech support on so you don’t wait on our staff any longer for guidance.

Hey, I don’t have a tutorial on it, but here are a couple repos that use it with the new routing system.

Matt Jennings Blog
Scott Spence’s Portfolio

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Thanks @bDesigned for those resources. People like you make the forums great :netliheart: