How to disable specific checks for Pull requests?

When someone does make a PR does Netlify start the building process and display 4 separate checks:

  • Header rules
  • Pages changed
  • Redirect rules
  • Mixed content

Only the last check passes while the other three get skipped (display as “neutral”)
I now want to get rid of them altogether, to only have the Mixed content one remaining.

Furthermore did I see other repositories not having this check but instead have a netlify/<repository>-preview/deploy-preview or something similar present. How can I achieve this?

Hi Andre,

Could you tell us which site this is for? The answer will depend on which git provider you use and how your site is configured :slight_smile:


I have multiple projects where this would apply towards, but each is hosted the same way: The main code is on a GitHub repository, which also has the requirements.txt and runtime.txt present and the sites are published on the gh-pages branch.

Hey @Andre601,

Please forgive me if I’m missing the point – is this what you’re looking for?

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Hi Pieparker,

This should be what I was searching for.
But will the Mixed content rule remain, or would this also go away?
I in general want to keep the commit check in the Pull request, but want to remove any that is skipped/set to neutral.
From the issue you linked could I see that there is a check called “deploy/netlify”. I saw other repositories having this check instead of the Header Rules, Pages changed, etc.
How would I get this one instead?

Oh, I see! You should therefore remove the commit checks and enable commit statuses!

Thank you!
This was exactly what I was looking for.