How to disable media_library for one specific field or collection?

I’m using uploadcare for my media but I’d like a specific field not to use it. Is there any way to achieve this?

@xhel If I understand you correctly you don’t want the media_library property to be part of a field?

If that’s not the case kindly add more clarity on what you want to achieve for me to better understand your problem.

Sorry for my poor english.
I’m using Uploadcare as my media_library. However i’d like to NOT use it for a specific field and just use the default widget by netlifyCMS.

@xhel thanks for the clarification.
So let’s say you have two fields you want one field to use the default Netlify Media Upload UI and then the other field to use the Uploadcare Media Upload UI.

Or for someone else another example will be to set one field to use Cloudinary and another field to use Uploadcare.

To my knowledge if that’s the case, unfortunately the current version of Netlify does not support using different media library providers on different fields.

Even though you can add a media_library property to an individual field or widget like file and image, it does not allow for you to set a specific upload provider. It only allows you to specify the configuration that should be applied to the global upload provider.

So for example if the global upload provider is Uploadcare you can configure one field to transform images as they are uploaded to Uploadcare and another field to just upload the selected image without transforming when uploading to Uploadcare.

The configuration for using an external media upload provider is limited to a global configuration and not specific to a field.
The only media_library configuration specific to a field is the settings to apply when the image or file is selected and uploaded based on the global upload media library provider and configuration.

Hope this clarification helps.