How to determine IP address of default subdomain?

Hi everyone,
Netlify recommends to create a DNS configuration with pointing apex domain using A record to IP address of default subdomain “”. In the instruction the address is used as an example of the subdomain. But how to get the actual IP number to create this record? I used different tools, such as nslookup, dig, etc., but every time I got different numbers.
Thank you in advance.

For the bare domain, the A record should be used and never varies.

For subdomains, the CNAME record should be used and NO IP address should ever be needed or used by you. The IP varies constantly, and this will always be the case (for the CNAMEs).

Could you tell me: what are you trying to accomplish, exactly? You should not need our IP for the subdomains for any reason except things that don’t work well, like proxying to us, or setting an A record using one of the IP’s you find from the CNAME, will not work well and is not recommended or supported.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for quick and clear answer!

I pointed my bare (apex) domain on IP address using record A – not Alias, and now it is working well! I don’t realise why it was not working earlier… It may be because I used record A Alias pointed on that IP or when I used not Alias I did not wait enough for the record propagation.

I would gladly share with you what I am trying accomplish. I created custom domains on Netlify: ‘’ as a primary domain as well apex domain ‘’ (which redirects to the primary domain), and ‘’ as a default subdomain.

For these domains I created records on hosted zone of AWS: CNAME default subdomain

apex domain NS record…

apex domain SOA record… A Alias record…

apex domain A (not Alias)

I had problem with the last record until today. Still now I am not confident that I got success and I am testing that with different browsers and on different comps. Your any comment or advise would be highly appreciated.

Thank you again for your help!

I don’t see any site on our service configured to use the hostname “”, but if you intend us to host it, that should be a CNAME pointing to the as well, once you configure a site with that hostname here.

You would indeed not be able to use an ALIAS to point to our service from AWS, they shouldn’t even let you configure it since those are only intended for use from AWS to other hosts in AWS, which most of our CDN nodes are not.

Thank you for comments.
All the records, I listed in the previous message, were created on Route53 AWS. Two of these records are pointed on Netlify default domain or Netlify IP address:

  1. CNAME
  2. ‘request4service A (not alias)’

So far I intended to keep all the records with AWS, as I don’t know about advantages of hosting them on Netlify. For creating the records I used some steps described here:
The custom domains ‘’ and ‘request4service’ were created with Netlify.
Thank you again for support.

OK, that sounds like it should work and seems to be configured correctly. Any problems still exist?

Yes, now is working fine. Thank you for your quick and valuable response!