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How to deploy ONLY functions to existing site?

My site www.agentcake.com is hosted on Netlify via a manual deploy. It’s a WordPress site that is deployed to Netlify using the WP2Static Netlify plugin. It’s very convenient because I all have to do is press a button inside the WordPress dashboard, and it does a manual API upload to Netlify.

Now I also want to upload and use Netlify Functions under the same domain.

I have tried manually deploying them using the Netlify CLI command ntl deploy --functions=netlify/functions.

But the problem is this overrides the site I had deployed at that domain. The functions are added, but the site is deleted because it’s not uploaded at the same time as the functions.

How can I keep my manually deployed WordPress site, but also separately upload my functions?

Hi @Abba,

That’s how Netlify deploys work. You cannot simply send functions without sending your website. If you wish, you could deploy functions on a different website than the Wordpress one OR send the functions along with the deploy.