How to deploy Netlify CMS outside of my website?

I am just getting started with JAMStack and Static site generators.
After doing some research, I have settled on using Nuxt JS with NetlifyCMS.
All of the examples that I could see always deploy the CMS along with the main website, like
But I wanted to keep the CMS code away for the main site. Is there someway I can create a git repo which has the NetlifyCMS index and config files and deploy it at some other url like
And when when I publish any new comment, it pushes the content to the other git repository which has my main site (

Can I authorise a single Netlify site to use 2 git repositories?

  1. Cms repo
  2. Actual site repo (I’ll add the repo url to the cms config.yml)


Hi @batrashubham and welcome to our community!

While that isn’t the default layout, you can accomplish it though not as you suggest. Any Netlify site is linked to at most one repo. The easiest way I can think of to split things up would be that you could link 2 different sites to the same repo. In one, you have /admin/index.html and the cms; in the other, you don’t expose those (they aren’t part of the files you publish; perhaps you use a different base directory for those; drafts will be in branches, and your build command may need some “help” to find the files - like copying them into your site build directory).

There are probably another dozen ways you could do that, but that’s probably the easiest :slight_smile:

Hi @fool
Thanks for the solution, I actually was able to accomplish it similar to the way you suggested.
I created 2 branches in the same repo, one with the site content, one with cms files and it worked exactly like I wanted.

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