How to deploy from github scholar to Netifly

I have a Static Web with Jekyll hosted in Github, it works fine in local when I run bundle exec jekyll serve but it doesnt show up as a github page.
This is the repo
It uses ruby gems and all that…
Can I switch to Netifly my GH repo easily? How??

Hi Jaime and welcome to our community!

I think the main problem here is that you are using the command jekyll serve (ok, with a bundle exec around it). This runs a server, which we do not do for you - you BUILD with jekyll, we deploy your built files and serve them statically.

So, you should instead try:

jekyll build

as your entire build command. How does that go when you try it? If you did try and it didn’t work, could you link me to the deploy logs in our UI where you tried so I can see that failure it would help me give you some better advice. I was just working from the last build here around the above advice: