How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

Hey!I have a lot of dummy test form validations and submissions on my forms subpage. Is there any way to completely delete them? Not just submissions, but validations also. A few fields has been renamed on the same form, but those new fields are not verified. And i’d like to clean up the garbage. Thank you.

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Hello @megant, there isn’t a way to delete those dummy form definitions from the site’s dashboard. However, if you provide the name of the site and forms, I can remove them for you.

Could you please delete “form 1” from my website fabiobarbosa/

Hi @fabiobarbosa! Welcome to netlify community.

We just got that form deleted for you.


another “form 1” needs deleting I’m afraid. Didn’t properly name the form before deploying! Oops. Site name - mystifying-bhaskara-75b8c8. Sorry to be a pain and thanks for your help.


I’ve deleted the ‘form 1’ for that site.

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Your form is deleted too, @dima1!

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Dear Netlify support,
Would you mind deleting the following forms from my dashboard because they don’t exist anymore but yet remain in the dashboard:

  • contact (no capital C!)
  • WingmanToernooi
  • Gokken
  • Kwalificaties
  • CS_Wingman_Toernooi

My sitename is flomakkers with the following url;
Thanks in advance!

Side note, is it possible to have two reCaptchas on the same page in different forms? I want users to switch between two forms (display: none <–> block) both with a reCaptcha but only one shows up and the other reCaptcha never loads. It’s this page if you want to see it yourself;

Hi @FloMakes! Welcome to netlify community.

We just got those 5 forms removed for you.

Our built-in explicit recaptcha is only able to handle one recaptcha per page. You can work around this limitation by implementing a custom recaptcha with your own settings for your second form. Our docs show how to do this here:

Thank you for removing the forms and helping me out.
I will take a look at the documentation.

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Can you please remove the form “contacts” from my project “goofy-edison-6aa72f”?

Hello guys, Please I really need to know, why dont forms recheck for changes on each deploy? also Id like to delete a form on my site so I can add it back again

hi @Think-senpai,

please make a separate post for the first part of your question - and for the second part, we’ll need to know the form name, along with your netlify instance name in order to delete. thanks.

Thinksenpai name of form is contact.

Hi @dwave10! Welcome to netlify community.

Can you please confirm the name of your form? Thank you!

@Think-senpai - do you still want your form deleted? There have been some submissions since you wrote in. They are blank submissions, but I still would like you to confirm.

yes for some reason its not getting the data in the form cuz the form didnt update. So Yes I think I need to deleted it. Will it recheck for the new form?

OK - its deleted! Let us know if that helps.

Hi guys, I need a form to be remove too, named “vue-tea”.
Thanks and keep doing your great job :slight_smile:

Hey Laura, could you delete my test form: forms-demo-001, for site: brfullaslyckasvag1 -

Thanks in advance1